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About NIXA

Situated in North Carolina, with major operations extending to Alabama. NIXA Inc. is a vibrant player in the sustainable energy sector. Our expertise lies in Level 2 EVSE, and we are dedicated to providing advanced charging solutions for electric vehicles. Our ambition is to promote environmental conservation and pave the way for a greener future.

Our mission also encompasses the smart home market, where we aim to establish a comprehensive NIXA ecosystem that revolutionizes energy efficiency. Our guiding principles – Sustainability, Reliability, and Ingenuity – inspire us to deliver eco-friendly, reliable, and innovative products.

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Our Vision

Our vision is to transform the future of smart living by seamlessly integrating innovative and sustainable technologies into everyday homes.

We aim to equip homeowners with intelligent, interconnected ecosystems that simplify life, encourage environmental conservation, and shape a greener, smarter world for future generations.

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Get In touch

At NIXA, we highly value our customers’ input and feedback. We welcome any questions or suggestions from those who share our mission. Please feel free to reach out; we’re always excited to hear from you.